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Paul Worthington

Paul Worthington is head of strategy and consulting at Reason Business Group.

my talk at TED Talk is UP!!“The art of asking” - watch/share the video at please comment away on my site…the conversation is EPIC. and important.

me & bono drinking guinness.
(photo by cancer specialist TEDster william li) #TED2013.

New York Times: The Case for Spending a Little More Sometimes

Google 3D Cityscape to launch for Denver
Google’s 3D Cityscape is launching in Denver this week on iOS, allowing iPhone and iPad users to virtually fly through the metro area with a swipe of the finger.
Google’s 3D city landscaping and images are already available in about a dozen cities. Tech writer Andy Vuong learned the company will announce Thursday that the features are rolling out in Denver and Seattle. The online search giant hopes cover 300 million people by the end of the year.

This guy is one of my favorite chefs. He’s from my old hometown in Louisiana. And I got to meet him a couple weeks ago in Aspen at the Food & Wine Classic!

Check it out, this is pure traditional southern Louisiana:

John Besh’s At-Home Shrimp Boil (by ChefJohnBesh)